Professional approach personal touch

Professional approach personal touch.

Gados company was established in order to provide the most innovative solutions available in the world in the field of orthodontics.

The company appoints an expert team with rich experience and professional knowledge which leads  by Prof. Meir Redlich

Our vision is to create the best orthodontic solutions and personal support via Clear Aligner treatment.

GADOS offers uncompromising quality at affordable prices.

Understanding that your success is ours, GADOS places high importance on building strong professional and personal relationships with the dental community.

GADOS, through its professional team, provides a quick response to every inquiry. 

GADOS accompanies the orthodontist throughout the entire treatment process, while guaranteeing state-of -art quality treatment for the benefit of both the orthodontists and the patients.  

GADOS offer preliminary evaluation of your potential cases based on clinical photos and X-rays, free of charge.

GADOS was founded in 2019 under the professional leadership of Professor Meir Redlich and other expert.

Prof. Meir Redlich, with over 30 years of clinical and academic skills in Orthodontics, brings an outstanding teaching resume in the field of orthodontic treatment.